Co-Located hosting is perfect for individuals and organizations who need absolute full control and access to their server. OnyxLight simply provides the network, environment and reboot services. You are responsible for providing the hardware, security, configuration, software updates and the overall management of your server.

OnyxLight provides each colocation with a 100Mbit port that is directly connected to our network. You will never have to worry about your colocation not having enough bandwidth for that next project.

Our environment is necessary for must-have, always-on connectivity for your server. More detailed information about our current infrastructure is available.

You can pick and choose between these options for your colocation requirement:

Rack-Space Based Pricing
Space Usable IPs Included Power Price (mo.)
1U 1 None $75
2U 5 None $125
4U 5 None $250
1/3 Cab. 13 6 amps $475
1/2 Cab. 29 10 amps $600
Full Cabinet 29 20 amps $825
Extra Usable IPs
5 IPs$10.00
13 IPs $18.00
29 IPs$34.00

Bandwidth Per Month
256k (80GB)$25
512k (160GB)$40
1 - 3 mbit$80/per
4 - 10 mbit$75/per
10 - 20 mbit$65/per
20 - 50 mbit$55/per
50 - 100 mbit$45/per
100+ mbitunder $40/per
Individual Server Power
Single PSU$25.00
Dual PSU$35.00
Additional Power
4 amps$60.00
10 amps$150.00
20 amps$275.00

Due to the highly customized nature of Co-Located Hosting, please call us at 1-866-TRY-ONYX or use the form below to send our sales engineers a request.

Customized Hosting Request:
First Name
Last Name
Short Description of the functions you'll need:
Expected Bandwidth Requirement:
Expected IP Addresses Required:
Any Additional Information:

If you believe that Virtual or Managed Hosted may be a better choice for you, take a look at our Hosting Overview to find out the differences between the types of hosting that we offer.