OnyxLight prides itself on providing clients with world-class customer support. Please utilize our support matrix and choose from one of the following four support channels.

Support Channels

Low - Open A Ticket
Questions that do not need to be resolved immediately. Tickets are answered in 24 hours or less. For general questions, this is the best way to get in touch with us. Use the form below to open up a ticket with us.
Normal - Call Us
During normal business hours, you can call our offices at 1-866-TRY-ONYX or you may open a ticket to resolve the issue. Issues are resolved in 12 hours or less.
High - Call Us / Open A Ticket
Any issues that need to be responded in an urgent manner, but are not critical. Issues will be resolved in 3 hours or less.
Emergency - Page The On-Duty Engineer
If you believe something to be seriously wrong, and it is after business hours, you may page the on-duty engineer. Please do not abuse this feature. Pages are generally responded to within 15 minutes.